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About Us

Kumo, our Chief Tasting Officer (CTO) is the reason why we started Crave Treatos! We became first time dog parents during the COVID-19 pandemic and like all new parents, we wanted to find the best of everything for Kumo. We researched extensively for the best crates, beds, food and of course…TREATOS!

When speaking to other pet parents, what we quickly realized was that besides the large pet product manufacturers that carried treats with added preservatives to extend its shelf life, there were only a small number of affordable natural and healthy treats on the market.

We understand the importance of knowing what exactly is inside what we feed our pets, so we decided to create our own! In our search for healthy treats for Kumo, Crave Treatos was born…to help pet parents just like us find tasty treats that they’ll feel great giving.

At Crave Treatos, we are passionate about creating safe and sustainable human-grade treats, carefully sourcing only the best ingredients to craft each and every treato. Every new product undergoes significant taste testing…first by our CTO, then by a number of different doggos, including our ambassadors (Loki, Raven, Pancake, Zuko, Peach, Bernie, Remi, Mia, Sophie, Luna, Meeko, Ellie and Penny).

Follow us on Instagram @cravetreatos to see the process that we undergo for each treato and follow Kumo (@callme.kumo) to see which one he loves the most!